We help people thrive in their ministry using the following services and resources

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MinistryCenter offers 3 services to help you thrive

Each service is designed to offer the maximum impact in your unique ministry environment


We specialize in three specific content areas with which most ministry leaders struggle. This training provides flexibility around your schedule and presents the learning in time-effective modules to maximize the benefit.


You have a message that needs to be heard. Why limit the reach of your message to your congregation? We offer simple and very cost-effective assistance in getting your message out in printed, electronic, or audio formats.

One-on-one Mentoring

Ministry mentoring is a powerful growth tool for today's ministry leaders. Being mentored by a seasoned and experienced minister can propel your personal walk and ministry to new levels of fulfillment and effectiveness.

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Three of the unique training courses we offer

Each course is a multi-week experience to help you thrive


When Sheep Attack

When you are facing conflict within your ministry, it can feel as if you are all alone and that no one else will ever understand. We get it. We know, because we've been there.

You might not be able to avoid the conflict, but there are things you can do to prepare yourself, your family, and your congregation - and to return to a place of effective ministry when the conflict is past.



There are meetings to attend, visits to make, lessons and sermons to prepare for...with so many things to do and not enough hours in which to do them, the physical, spiritual, relational and financial health of the minister and their family often takes a number and stands in line.

FitforMinistry provides four different tracks to help you achieve the fitness you need so you can continue to be effective in ministry and meet your needs and the needs of your family for many years to come.


Transforming worship

Helping a congregation through transformation in worship is tough. Often the mature generations feel as though they are being left behind, but they also understand that something has to happen to effectively minister to the next generation.

How do we bridge that gap and bring about transforming worship?

This series is designed with the entire leadership team in mind to help them ask the right questions and lead their congregations through transformation.

Get published and share your message

Professional and experienced assistance to take your message from thought to print


You have a message that needs to be shared, but all too often your reach is limited to your local ministry or a personal blog. Perhaps you've thought about putting your thoughts and ideas into print but the costs were enormous and the details too foreign to pursue that dream.

We have years of experience helping ministry professionals get published inexpensively without dozens of boxes of books stored away. We can help you publish your work and make it available on some of today's largest retail sites in paperback, audio, or electronic formats.

Build a relationship with a ministry older brother

Find a listening ear and wise advice from experienced ministry professionals


MINTOR is a custom-designed mentoring program for those in ministry. MINTOR is not a coaching program but is a long-term relationship with a seasoned and experienced minster to walk with you through your journey.

Whether you are in a new ministry, a new season of life, wanting to sharpen your skills, or seeking an objective opinion and a safe place to discuss ideas and frustrations, MINTOR is the place you can find help.

Who We Are

And why we can help you thrive in your ministry

MinistryCenter was founded in 1985 with the specific goal of helping those who do the work of the ministry. With over 30 years of practical experience working with ministries and ministry leaders across the globe, MinistryCenter has a unique perspective into the challenges presented by today's ministry environment. Often ministry leaders have been prepared theologically for the challenges of ministry, but all too often the practical parts of the ministry have been left for the minister to discover on their own. It's those practical considerations that form our foundation at MinistryCenter.

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