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Helping people thrive in their ministry

Ministry can be a highly rewarding yet extremely stressful place. Let's face it. This paradoxical nature of the ministry is often the reason pastors and other ministry leaders leave the ministry. It's not that they feel any less called, it's just that often they reach the point that they simply can't take the stress, pressures, conflict, and burdens any more.

That's where MinistryCenter might be able to help.

Dr. Mark Conn began MinistryCenter in 1985 with a simple vision - help ministry leaders thrive in the places and ministries to which they are called.

The average length of today's pastorate is just a little over 3.5 years. There are several reasons for that, but many of them are the same from one ministry to another. Often the reason the pastor seeks other ministry opportunities in such a short period of time follows a pattern that can be traced through many churches and religious organizations, regardless of the personality or gifts of the particular ministry leader.

With over 30 years of experience in ministry settings, MinistryCenter provides resources to help you with some of the most difficult and destructive problems facing today's ministers.

Each ministry situation is unique. Our training and resources start with this in mind. Contact us to build a personalized solution that fits your specific needs.

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