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Ministry is a busy place, and sometimes there are things you would like – or need – to do, but lack the resources or expertise to make them happen.

That’s where MinistryCenter might be able to help. With over 30 years of experience in ministry settings, we can provide cost effective solutions to some of the difficult problems facing today’s ministries. We specialize in 3 specific areas of ministry: helping you get published, partnering with you in ministry renewal, and putting you in touch with speakers who can meet the needs of today’s church.


Please take a few moments and look at some of the ways we can help you in your ministry. If you would like to find out more, or if you’re ready to move forward, use the contact form and let’s get started.

MinistryCenter exists to help you do the work of the ministry.


Why is it so important to stay current online? With today’s tech-saturated culture, many of the people looking for a church will research online before they ever actually darken your door. We can help you create a web presence that will attract guests and at the same time deliver your message and information to your members and attenders.


Internet users are progressively accessing websites using mobile devices. Make your web presence flexible and responsive so you deliver your content in a way that your website visitors can actually use it.


We’ll take care of all the setup and design, so you can focus on what you do without having to worry about your website.


We design your site using the industry standard WordPress software, and then train you or your staff to be able to add the content to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

Maintenance & Hosting

We offer maintenance and hosting so you don’t have to worry about software or security upgrades, servers, or backups.


Need new graphics or maybe new functionality? Contact us today!


Having a visually appealing identity for your ministry is becoming more important every day. Whether you minister in a traditional setting, a rural environment, an urban culture – regardless of your location, first impressions are important.

Tailored solutions

No two ministries are the same, so your identity and design needs to convey your unique culture and resonate with the community God has called you to reach.

We can help create a specialized and unique solution for your individual ministry context.

Print Design

Letterhead, newsletter templates, informational brochures – they all communicate a message. We can help you create something new, or freshen what you are already.

Logo Design

Perhaps it’s time for a brand new look, your ministry is in transition, or you are launching a new endeavor – MinistryCenter can help you create the brand and identity that communicates your unique blend and personality.

Building Graphics

Signage is a huge issue for people in a new place. We can create appealing and exciting signage and interface with your sign company to get the signage you need and look that will resonate with your congregation.

Vehicle Graphics

If you have vans or buses, you have billboards on wheels – why limit your name to tiny letters that no one can read from more than 50 feet away? We can create state-of-the-art, visually appealing graphics that will use your vehicle investment for free, mobile advertising.

The message inside of you is bigger than the circumstances around you.

You have a message

Maybe you’re a Senior Pastor. Associate Pastor. Worship Leader. Missionary. Teacher. Lay Minister. Whatever your ministry, you have a message, and a calling to share that message.

You need a platform

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have any idea how to take the message that God has birthed within us and place into the hands of more than a handful of people.

That’s where MinistryCenter can help

We can walk you through the steps of publishing, providing for you:

• World-class design and layout services
• Professional editing
• Sales through the world’s largest book retailer
• Print & digital formats

From cover design to text manipulation and formatting, we can help you achieve a level of professional appearance usually reserved for large publishing houses – and do it on a ministry budget!

From sermon compilations to large multi-volume sets

The only thing standing between you and putting the message that’s in your heart into print is doing it!

We’ll help you from the first step to the finished product – a product that you can be proud of and that won’t cost a fortune!

Contact us today!

Let’s get started. There’s no way to start any earlier, and there’s no good reason to start any later!

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